• Understand the context

    Content may be king, but context still rules.

    Your business and communication goals are our starting point. What you’re doing in PR, advertising, web and SEO is also key.

    Understanding what kind of content your target groups are interested in – and what they type into the Google search box – are equally important parts of the content context.

    It’s all about looking before you leap, and having a strong plan before we write.

    That’s why every project starts with a deep-dive discovery process to map a custom content strategy.This lets us understand:

    • The context(s) that your content must perform in.
    • The keywords that work best.
    • The ideal editorial plan that positions you as thought leaders in your field – and dovetails with SEO opportunities.
    • The best social media channels for you – and how to include them intelligently in your marketing efforts.

  • Create great content

    There’s a ton of content competing for your target’s attention.

    Quality content, however, is the stuff that wins eyeballs, engagement and business.

    It’s useful. It’s shareable. And it’s way more about help than hype.

    A lot of people can write, but far fewer write well. We use proven copywriters to create quality content that people want to read.

    We work with anyone in your organization that knows his or her stuff, but doesn’t have the writing skills or time to create winning content. We find subject matter experts from all over the world if that’s what it takes. And we don’t quit until the writing is great – and ready to share with your stakeholders.

  • Continue to improve

    Online content is, well, online. And that means almost everything about it is measureable.

    We track engagement, the gold standard of online content metrics. Our dashboards let you measure program results, and allow us all to continue to learn about what is working, and what needs to be improved.

    You get regular reports on how your content is performing.

  • We add value by doing content marketing better – and at a lower cost o than companies whose core business is something else.

    • Are you an international B-t-B?
    • Do you need content and social media to improve your online reputation, generate more leads and stay relevant with your customers?
    • Does your organization lack the time and expertise to do content marketing consistently and effectively?
    • Are you looking for solid business development and marketing experience in addition to creative flair?
    • Do you want to work with the senior guys rather then the junior account manager?
  • If you answer “Yes!”
    to these questions, let’s talk.