• Terry Dunne

    An experienced international marketer who also knows what it takes to achieve a sales budget, Terry has helped grow brands and revenue in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

    As an English copywriter and translator (Danish-English) working for Danish clients, Terry is a skilled creator of compelling English content that drives reputations as well as marketing and sales goals. He has written for major Danish corporations such as LEGO, Bang & Olufsen, Danfoss, and Lundbeck; for Danish PR and advertising agencies; and for various B2B and B2C small- and medium-sized companies.

  • Søren Schnedler

    Søren is a skilled communication and marketing strategist with extensive experience helping international brands enter Scandinavia, and Scandinavian brands reach out to the rest of the world.

    With a keen eye on the client’s overall business strategy, Søren has developed winning campaigns and communication solutions across a wide variety of media, budgets and segments. International projects include work for Xerox, Danfoss, Lindab and Lifestraw. Søren combines solid strategic understanding with effective tactical planning, practical tools and sharp messaging that gets the job done.

  • Tue Knudsen

    A journalist at heart and an experienced marketer by trade, Tue possesses both the strategic and operational insight that enables him to help business define their core, purpose and identity – and put it all into words.

    Years of experience as an investigative reporter in both print and broadcast journalism have taught Tue to ask exactly those questions that bring out the deeper meaning and shape the essential messages. In recent years he has put those skills to use primarily for large, international B2B companies such as Danfoss, Palsgaard, Lindab, and ALD Automotive. Tue is a truly passionate and professional craftsman of words.

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